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By Edwin P. Hoyt

ISBN-10: 0312868537

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Для сайта:Мир книгThe epic conflict of Stalingrad may be remembered as one in all history’s so much savage conflicts. the following world-renowned army historian Edwin P. Hoyt tells the complete tale of this bloody conflict, utilizing records from Moscow and American information in addition to first-person testimonials from Stalingrad’s heroic survivors.With the dramatic strength of a chief storyteller, Hoyt recreates the phrases and deeds of the battle’s chiefparticipants: its ruthless warlords, Hitler and Stalin; its fabled generals, von Paulus and Marshal Zhukov; its infantrymen and civilians who fought, bled and died. during this thought-provoking and grimly interesting booklet, Hoyt supplies a few startling and illuminating insights into this important conflict.

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199 Days: The Battle for Stalingrad by Edwin P. Hoyt PDF

Для сайта:Мир книгThe epic conflict of Stalingrad may be remembered as one among history’s such a lot savage conflicts. right here world-renowned army historian Edwin P. Hoyt tells the whole tale of this bloody conflict, utilizing files from Moscow and American data in addition to first-person testimonials from Stalingrad’s heroic survivors.

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The main German reaction was shock. Hour after hour on December 7, new Russian units entered the fray and broke radio silence. The messages were picked up by German radio monitors. Two dozen brigades and divisions were moving on Army Group Center. The Germans had been telling themselves that the Russians did not have new troops to throw into the battle and were moving soldiers from other areas. Bock still believed that. But that day, the Army Group North spearhead that had been aiming to make contact with Army Group Center in the assault on Moscow found itself almost surrounded in the blizzard that raged in the area.

Brauchitsch was noncommittal, but he went off to confer with Kluge and Guderian, and learn their stories. General Rudolf Schmundt, Hitler's aide, arrived in Smolensk representing the Fuehrer. Brauchitsch came back from the front to recommend the withdrawal be continued, and they got Hitler's apparent approval by telephone to Berlin. On the night of December 14 the temperature dropped to thirty-three below. Next morning, Field Marshal Leeb told Hitler the time had come to withdraw from Tikhvin. Hitler could not make up his mind to approve and stalled.

These were unarmed men who went ahead of the infantry and vehicles to spring the land mines and paid with their lives. As each attack progressed, the snow was covered with the bodies of the tramplers. This disdain for human sacrifice was a central factor in the Russian system and rendered inoperative the best defense plans of the Germans. How effective is a minefield against a tank army that is preceded by hundreds of walking men, who blow the mines so that the tanks may pass? The Germans had the advantage of the shelter of the villages.

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