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By George Woodcock (auth.)

ISBN-10: 0333283597

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ISBN-10: 1349170666

ISBN-13: 9781349170661

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Verse Permit Me Voyage. 1934. Other Let Us Now Praise Famous Men: Three Tenant Families, photographs by Walker Evans. 1941. Agee on Film: Reviews and Comments. 1958. Letters to Father Flye. 1962; revised edition, 1971. A Way of Seeing: Photographs of New York, photographs by Helen Levitt. 1965. Reading List: Agee by Peter H. Ohlin, I 966; Remembering Agee edited by David Madden, 197 4; The Restless Journey of Agee by Genevieve Moreau, 1977. 28 AGEE In I 941 James Agee and the photographer Walker Evans published Let Us Now Praise Famous Men.

In A Man of the People, we have the familiar conflict between the virtuous but priggish narrator Odih and the corrupt but charming politician Nanga as they struggle for power in a newly independent state. Corruption wins, and the conclusion of the novel is a pessimistic one. Achebe is a little uncertain in his use of the first person narrative in the last novel, but all his novels are stylistically effective, especially in the use of dialogue, where the subtle variation of 24 ACHEBE stately African phrases, their slightly absurd literal translations, pidgin English, and the formal English of administrators and missionaries serve to point the conflicts he is describing.

1910. I Knew Him When- 1960. ADE Hoosier Hand Book. 1911. Knocking the Neighbors. I 912. Ade's Fables. 1914. Hand-Made Fables. 1920. Single Blessedness and Other Observations. Stay with Me Flagons. 1922. Bang! Bang! 1928. 25 1922. Plays The Back-Stair Investigation (produced 1897). The Night of the Fourth (produced 190 I). The Sultan of Sulu, music by Alfred G. Wathall (produced 1902). 1903. The County Chairman (produced 1903). 1924. Peggy from Paris, music by William Loraine (produced 1903). Bird Center: Cap Fry's Birthday Party (produced 1904).

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20th-Century Fiction by George Woodcock (auth.)

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