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A comprehensive dictionary of chemistry - download pdf or read online

By Greg Willie

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E. e. up and down the page) are thought of as going into the page. The Fischer projection is often used to depict carbohydrates. II I flash point compare with auto-igllltlOn temperature. The temperature when vapour pressure of a substance becomes high enough to allow the air/ vapour layer over the substance to be ignited. Ether and acetone have flash points below room temperature, which makes them very dan- I gerous. • ~ • flotation method by which hydrophobic (water-repelling) particles of an lore are separated from hydrophilic (water-attracting) partides of a metallurgical preI treatment process.

The molecules, 2-Methyl pentane and 3-Methyl pentane are examples of constitutional isomers. Chemistry I I 1-------- I : _ conversion factor ~ a conversion factor is a fraction ; that relates one unit to another. : Multiplying a measurement by ~ a conversion factor changes the ; units of the measurement. 4cm. =========== II 38 • coordination number the number of bonds formed by the central atom in a metalligand complex. • copolymer a polymer composed of two or more different monomers. The different monomers can be linked randomly, or in repeating sequences, or in blocks, or as side chains off the mam chain.

II caloric I carbohydrate 29 *================ known. Calibration minimises I ; systematic error. S°C. 184 J. • calorimeter an insulated vessel for measuring the amount of heat absorbed or released by a chemicalor physical change. I I I I I I tleld bends the trajectories of the ions with high charge-to-mass ratio more, allowing ions to be separated by mass and collected. • carbocation an electron deficient carbon with only three single bonds. It is positively charged. A primary carbocation is bonded to only one other carbon, a secondary carbocation is bonded to two other carbon atoms and a tertiary carbocation is bonded to three other carbon atoms.

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