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Download PDF by Carmen Warren: A Comprehensive Dictionary of Inorganic Chemistry

By Carmen Warren

ISBN-10: 8182470501

ISBN-13: 9788182470507

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Stion~~·~of~ca~rb~on~.. and the volume, V, of one mole of gas is equal to the product of the gas constant, R, and the absolute temperature, T. pV = RT The combined gas law is derived from Boyle's Law and Charles's Law. • combustion combustion is the reaction of substances with oxygen, with the evolution of heat and light. The combustion of organic materials are often free radical chain reactions, which can usually be summarised as the oxidation ofcarbon content of the material to form its oxides and the oxidation of hydrogen to form water.

Originates in the inter-action of through it. The glass is often : the electronic charge and the silvered to reduce radiation. ~ field and is an additive property Inorgllnic Chemistry ================= II 52 diamond I Dibereiner's trUuIs " ~==~===~* of the atoms and groups present. 3 that of paramagnetism so that the effect is swamped by the presence of unpaired electrons. ~ (N2 ), and the halogens are ex; amples of diatomic elements. : • Diazonium compounds ~ important type of compounds I containing the RN = NX I groups, where R is aromatic I group and X a negative group.

S + - 2 ==> S02 :I • compound 2 S + 3 02 = = > 2 S03 I When shaken with water, the a compound is a substance Products of combustion dis- I composed of two or more elsolve, forming an acidic solu- ements that are bound totion which turns litmus red. gether by chemical bonds. A S02 + H 20 = = > H 2S03 compound cannot be broken SO + H = = > H SO I down into its individual ele3 2 2 4 ments of which it is composed • common group by physical means. However, I common groups which are de- a compound can be broken rived from hydrocarbons in- down to the elements of which dude: it is composed by chemical Alkylgroups means.

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