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A Review of the literature published between September 1970 by K H Overton PDF

By K H Overton

ISBN-10: 0851862667

ISBN-13: 9780851862668

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Lsomenthone (141) reacts more slowly, and always gives neoisomenthols (144) in good yields. , M = metal menthone (147), Metge and Bertrand protected the 2-position by hydroxymethylation. d. 107 Hydroxymethylation of menthone was also the first step in the & 0 (147) I04 W. B. Farnham, R. K. Murray, jun,, and K. Mislow, J . Amer. Chem. ,1970, 92, 105 Y . Pocker and R. F. Buchholz, J . Amer. Chern. , 1971,93, 2905. J. -L. Capman, and W. Chodkiewicz, Bull. Soc. chim. France, 1971, 2248. C. Metge and C.

12" All the diastereoisomeric 2,5-diols having the same chirality of the isopropyl group as (-)-a-phellandrene (173) have been prepared, together with the four p-menth-l-ene-3,6-diols and the two ( + )-p-menthane-2,5-diones, and their interrelations and stereochemistries have been examined. 126 lZ1 122 lz3 124 12s T. Anthonsen and B. Kjmen, Acta Chem. , 1970, 25, 390. G. Shtacher and Y . Kashman, Tetrahedron Letters, 1971, 1343. A . Romo de Vivar, L. A. Cuevas, and C . Guerrero, Rev. Latinoamer.

J. Reuvers, J. A. Jongejan, J . Klomp, and H. Van Bekkum, Org. Prcp. Proc. , 1971, 3, 83. -The discussion of the conformation of substituted pinanes has led to general agreement that the isonopinone structure is that of a flattened boat (262). r. r. l~~ Unfortunately, the two groups have used opposite conventions, and in this Report the Bessiere-Chretien system is followed; the shape of the cyclohexane refers to the ring carrying the gemdimethyl groups (as was previously employed by Abraham et ~ 1 .

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A Review of the literature published between September 1970 and August 1971 by K H Overton

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