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By Alan R. Katritzky

ISBN-10: 0120207567

ISBN-13: 9780120207565

The most recent quantity within the Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry sequence.

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Spectrosc. 31, 127 (1986). S . J. Brown and J. M. S. Perkin 2, 1129 (1987). K. Kostka and M. Owczarek, Pol. J. Chem. 61, 103 (1987). V. KrA, M. I. Kanishchev, V. V. Semenov, Z. Arnold, S. A. Shevelev, and A. A. Fainzilberg, Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 53, 1529 (I 988). A. Hasnaoui, A. -P. Lavergne, and P. Viallefont, Poster, l3rh Eur. Colloq. Heterocycl. , Abstr. 56 (1988). M. C. Aversa, P. Bonaccorsi, P. Giannetto, and D. A. Leigh, J. Heterocycl. Chem. 26, 1619 (1989). A. R. Butler, D. Lloyd, H.

When a 2,3-cyclopropanodihydrodiazepiniumsalt was dissolved in deuteriotrifluoroacetic acid, deuterium exchange of the 1,4,6-hydrogen atoms occurred at once. On addition of deuteriosulfuric acid to the solution the hydrogen atoms of the cyclopropane ring were also replaced and a hexadeuteriodication (20) was formed: H D D Formation of the dication (21) provides a species which undergoes a Cope rearrangement to form (22), which is then further deuteriated, giving rise to the observed hexadeuteriated product (20).

We also thank Dr. S. Mesher for Chem Drawing the formulae. 44 DOUGLAS LLOYD AND HAMISH McNAB [Refs. References 15MII 25JCS 1604 40HCA 1 139 40HCA 1 162 50JA4003 5 1JA4307 55JA4301 56JCS2597 58JCS I I8 58JCS161 60CB264 61JCS63 62544212 64CI(L) I760 64JCS2195 65AG545 65AG(E)525 658CB2681 65CB269I 65CB2701 65CB3479 65TL5 1 66JCS(C)93 66JCS(C)780 66MI 1 67AHC2I 67CC637 67JCS(C)2340 67JCS(C)2400 67JCS(C)2436 67ZN(B)722 68CI(L)I30 68JCS(B)1572 68JCS(B)I 536 68MI I M. A. Rosanova, J. Russ. -Chem. Soc.

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